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1982 - 1986
Only theatre of pain
Catastrophe ballet
Catastrophe ballet live
The wind kissed pictures
The decomposition of violets (live)
Believers of the unpure
An official anthology of live bootlegs (live)
1986 - 1992
Jesus christ proudly presents (live)
Sick of love
The scriptures
Church of no return
What's the verdict
Sex and drugs and jesus christ
Zero sex
The heretics alive (live)
We fall like love/I hate you
All the love all the hate
Love and hate
Insanus, ultio, proditio, misericordiaque
Past, present and forever
Jesus points the bone at you ?

1992 to present
The iron mask
Skeleton kiss
Spiritual cramp
The path of sorrows
Invocations 1981-1989
Tales of innocence, a continued anthology... (live)
Iconologia (live)
Sleepless night (live)
The doll's theatre (live)
The rage of angels
Death in detroit
The best of Christian Death
Death Club

... and misc records

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